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Courageous and faithful, they serve the poor, heal the wounded, and care for the least of these from Belize to Thailand to Zimbabwe and hundreds of places around the world. Of course, in his day C.

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Studd was talking about an actual geographic location: far from the Christian world where church bells are never heard. This reminds me of the Islamic scholar Ibn Battuta who in was visiting Crimea and heard church bells for the first time.

Not knowing what they were, and assuming they were something Satanic, he sent people to read the Koran from the minaret as a spiritual counterpunch. Other local Muslims, aware that this would be insulting to European Christians and fearing it would start a religious riot, explained what the church bells were and convinced him not to order the reading. My point is that the sound of a church bell was a rarity in large swaths of the world.

Today most of my friends around the world are still within earshot of a church bell of some kind. It might not be an actual church bell, but in this globalized world with the reach of mass media, it seems the good news of the church bell has covered most of the world.


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I know folks who are beaming the Christian message into Iran via satellite, some who are sneaking into North Korea, and others who are smuggling bibles into … well, nevermind. Suffice to say it is difficult not to hear a church bell in some form.

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Past blog posts here and here have pointed out that there is more than one way to live close to hell. If it was dangerous, it happened to them. The story includes the capture and years of separation from their parents for two of the young children while they were held in prison camps.

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For others in the family, life included hiding in caves; seeing dead bodies float down the river; encounters with drug-crazed rebels, starvation, and surviving untreated exotic diseases. It is more than a story of survival.

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If you don't believe in miracles now, you will.