THE GIFT OF LOVE: Create a Life of Joy and Abundance

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Every time we spend money, or we receive money or cash or write a check, no matter if it's pennies or hundreds of dollars, we bless the money to expand it. We do it with gratitude first. Specifically, when we spend in the grocery store or while we pump gas in our cars we can say: "Thank you so much for the abundance that you bring into my life, that I can have gas in my car to go where I want to go. Let your blessings of abundance expand through me today, that the next person that comes here, feels your abundance.


Let this money multiply by hundreds for me and for everybody that comes here today. This action of blessing the money will make you spend in joy and creativity instead of spending in an energy of lack and contraction. I'd love to see you there! Mercedes Maidana is a Motivational Speaker and Business and Abundance Life Coach who guides women to launch and improve their businesses, go for their dreams, and take action steps to live life to their highest potential.

Continue the conversation with Mercedes and learn more about her work on Facebook and Instagram. Business and Abundance Coach. Patagonia Surf Ambassador.

This One Thing Will Create More Abundance in Your Life Immediately

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WordPress Popup. Money is one of the most potent tools we have to transform our lives and the world.

But we need a new bottom line. That new bottom line has to be love.

This One Thing Will Create More Abundance in Your Life Immediately | HuffPost Life

To create a more balanced world we simply need to enter each monetary transaction — each exchange of the energy we call money — in a state of loving, caring, and sharing. When we begin to treat money as an agent to transmit love, we will create a just and prosperous world. Visit this site often to renew your belief in yourself, your prosperity, and the promise of a peaceful planet.

This book provides useful truths from history, healing techniques, and a clear vision that can shift our perceptions about money from fear and greed to love and goodwill. Money Is Love is a great place to start in bringing greater abundance to our pocketbooks and a little peace of mind to our souls.

Seekers of balance in this material life, start here to remember the true power in your cash flow. A challenging and fun way to change your mind about money. Money Is Love by Barbara Wilder is the first book that investigates and explores the pre-history of money and its original sacredness. It is a philosophy that puts forth the notion that if individual human beings begin to bring their conscious awareness back to the idea that money can be a force for good on the planet, they can, in fact, change the energy around money from fear, anger, lack and greed, to love, joy abundance and goodwill.

A must-read! Wilder delves into the sacred history of money and how it became separated from what it could represent — and what it did represent centuries ago. Reading this book made me aware of the re-education necessary for money to once again be a tool for goodness This book may be one of the best investments you've ever made.

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  6. This book dramatically improved my relationship with money. It helped me to see money for what it truly is and always has been - a recognition of value and worthiness. This has been particularly valuable when estimating my own worth.

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    I used to be afraid of money and just the thought of it would trigger this intense fear response. Growing up, my parents often fought about money and I develop a sense of disgust for money as if it were the money's fault. My disregard for the value of money led to me being reckless with it. My lack of appreciation for it also led to me not honoring my own worthiness by accepting far less of it than I actually deserved in most cases.

    Proven Affirmations For Abundance, Health, Love, Success, Joy, And Confidence

    Barbara's transformational book set me free from all of this fear and resentment towards money and I now look lovingly upon money with an open heart full of gratitude. As soon as I made this shift in consciousness, it started to flow and I now attract more than ever.

    This is a must-read.