Its All About Attitude: Loving and Living Well with Autism

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I have had to talk with my fiancee about it because I am not OK with it. To us, that is compulsive lying while we are more along the lines of honest and you know… really not down with all that shit. I leave it be when it is with other people but to me, his ass better stay honest. My feelings are hurt more by a lie than an unpleasant truth. I personally find it more compelling to say things the way I mean them, and I do care a lot about finding the right exact words to describe something as accurately as possible.

I can tell, quite often now, when people lie. But I just cannot understand why they do? Baffles me. It is such a novel, strange quite odd thing. Why am I doing it?

OCD in a 3 year old

I can, but why? Why do others? By 30 I think she means: Other people made her anxious about not reaching their social expectations. This anxiety led to her taking a therpy, because she wanted to fit in society more. But she didnt need the therapy she was allright. It was just the other people that made her do it, by making her feel insecure and wrong about her behavior in society.

Please correct me if Im wrong and I apologize for any wrong english because my native language is german. Great post! My son is autistic. In general, autistic people ARE bloody awesome! This was very interesting, and some of your points hit the spot for me. I always thought I was weird because I am very very shy. But just maybe I am a little bit autistic.

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Because I do feel as if I was born on the wrong planet. Not everyone is loud and boisterous in conversation, but it does make you look confident. Grrreat post. I drink a lot of coffee but sleep just fine, actually better than without it, and sometimes i wish i was at the genius end of the spectrum. Speaking as a writer, one of the biggest pitfalls for aspiring writers is simply not finishing what they start.

Hope this helps. Well that was a paragraph and you finished what you wrote.

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I have never been officially diagnosed with autism when I was young it was unheard of , however I recognise most of these items, though not all. No problems usually with grammar, but no 22 I especially feel for. Until I was about 22 or so I was the shyest person I have ever known. Never any good at job interviews, but did remain employed for as long as I wanted, followed by about 18 years running my own consultancy business. Can I ask you: how did you reconcile going into politics I assume to make the world a better place with all the political games you have to play to get there?

I am myself very engaged in my school, trying to use student council to help future students, and lots of people have already told me that since I have different views and sometimes a more logical way of putting things, I should try to do it on a bigger scale in the future. I feel as if political partys an never do the things they promised because they always have to go in a coalition with partys with opposing views.

Thank you for writing this post! I can relate to all 50, just with my own things e.

Learning to Love Yourself

I like the number This was interesting to read through, my fraternal twin has autism and much of this list seems to apply to her. She also falls into the category of having other difficulties, with dyslexia and dyscalculia mixing up numbers and left and right, having problems with math etc. She reacts worse though if someone changes their appearance, a friend of mine came to stay for 2 weeks but had cut her hair without telling us, so when my sister saw her it took her a few days to be comfortable with her again.

She also fits under the category of really nice person.

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Okay, shutting up now. Thanks for posting this it was nicely presented. If not, I do find them annoying- I like vacuum cleaner noises about as much as a neurotic dog! Thanks for pointing these out. Reading about what you say about changes, I notice that different people on the spectrum seems to have different levels tolerance to changes in different areas. Myself, not formally diagnosed but suspected to be on the spectrum, can celebrate certain changes but there are other things that are forbidden to change.

It also goes with how well I am informed ahead of time of the changes.

So, I think it will be meaningful to convey to the non-autistic of this difference. Some may react more to changes in timing, others in appearance, like your sister, and then there are those who react with changes in location and so on. You do yourself down with the mild autism title different not less dificult! I went to where he was and asked what the problem was, thinking that maybe someone had been bullying him if you just saw him you would realize he is nothing but typical bully bait, haha and he told me: I really need to pee!

He was brave enough to go because he thought it was worth not getting wet, but he was terrified of the new bathroom. What if there was no toilet paper?

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What if it was different toilet paper? What if the bathroom was dirty? Or wet? No one in my family is diagnosed yet as there is no one who is capacitated for it where we live.

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Well for an Argentinian your English is perfect. Is that common over there? Feel free to send me an email address and I can give you a few more chapters of Dead Boy Running. I have to admit, I had to google where Salta is. As an adult, how do I go about finding out if I am on the spectrum? I have social anxiety disorder as well as stress anxiety disorder-which is fun.

The alien thing I can relate to big time….. I spent most of my childhood sat in the corner of the playground sad or scared to death. I recall having a conversation with my brother age roughly ten…. Of course this was seen as I was attention seeking and ungrateful.