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You could opt for high value items, or cast your net wider and sell a bigger variety of lower cost items. Your success as an affiliate marketer depends on choosing the right things to promote.

How to Find your Niche and Earn money online

You could find affiliate partners that sell instruments, or you could go in search of an information product that helps your audience to learn how to read sheet music in double-quick time. The important thing is that you carefully consider your options and move forward on an informed basis. Much of your success may ultimately come down to trial and error, and some product types will fit your business far better than others.

However, informing yourself on the pros and cons of information products versus physical products before you move forwards puts you in a far better position to succeed. Out of information products and physical products, which option would you say is better and why? Let us know in the comments section below! Affiliate Marketing: Information Products vs. Physical Products January 5, by John Hughes.

Exactly How I Make Over $40, Per Month Online - Information Products

Affiliate Marketing with Information Products Information products include e-books, online courses, and audio or video material. For example, consider the information product below, which promises to teach you Chinese: In order to earn an income from marketing information products, you need to find a niche , and build trust with an audience.

The Pros Information products typically earn far better commission than physical products. The immediacy of information products, coupled with the lack of shipping costs, arguably makes them a far more likely impulse buy.

How To Make Money With ClickBank in 12222: No Nonsense Guide

The infrastructure is relatively easy to set up. It usually involves opening an account, creating your marketing content, and then setting up your affiliate links. And then, of course, using Pretty Link Pro to shorten and track your links easily. This means taking the risk that someone will download the product, and claim a refund shortly afterward , effectively taking advantage to get a free product.

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Nothing motivates like the potential to make a commission, especially if all you have to do is share great content. From the affiliate system point of view Butterfly Marketing worked well. Unfortunately much of the rest of the system was quite buggy, especially integration for re-billing, which with a membership site is obviously important. To put a long story short, I did manage my first ever membership site launch with Butterfly Marketing , but it was a harrowing experience with lots of intervention from my tech people.

After that initial experience I switched to 1ShoppingCart , which was more stable software. There were also some challenges regarding Paypal not working for recurring billing back then. Instead I had to set up my first ever merchant account, which I did with Eway , an Australian provider that still leads the way today. Due to these less than ideal experiences with 1SC I decided to once again change, this time over to Clickbank.

I made the change because I was sick of the confusion and hassles and liked that Clickbank would pretty much handle everything and just pop the money into my bank account directly once a week. For the remaining years that my training programs were available, my technology set-up was wonderfully simple. I used…. This combination served me well for many years and I still highly recommend it, especially if you only have one or two products. This system was delightfully simple and reasonably hands off.

It meant we experienced fewer technological errors and it was closer to a passive solution. If you want a more detailed breakdown of all of this, I encourage you to read or listen to my Membership Site Masterplan report. I closed down all my training programs in the last two years, which gave me the opportunity to reinvent my product delivery system and bring it up to date.

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With the recent opening of EJ Insider , my new system was tested live for the first time. I have to admit I was very tempted to stick with the simplicity of my previous system for the release of my new products. The reason I decided not to was because I have quite a few new products coming out and I want them to be integrated. To create a proper Sales Funnel , you need to seamlessly move people from suspects website visitors to prospects email subscribers to warm leads segmented subscribers , to customers buyers and then hyper-responsive customers buyers of multiple products up to your high end products.

However as is usually the case for me, I looked at what tools my peers and mentors were using, and the leading choices were Infusionsoft and Office Auto Pilot. Having been scared away by all the talk of how confusing Infusionsoft is and how much easier Office Auto Pilot is, it made for an easy choice. You can read my recent timeline update post for more on my research process to choose a new system. The only thing I was concerned about was moving away from AWeber. I really love AWeber. It has been a great system and I wholeheartedly endorse them as the place to go for your first email newsletter service you can read my AWeber review here.

I used AWeber for eight years and they have helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars online thanks to email newsletters. AWeber is a list based email management tool.

If you want to segment a subscriber, you need to either move them from one list to another based on an action, or add them to a new list, again based on action like opting in to a new web form. You can also segment subscribers based on what emails they open or what links they click, as I did in this little case study —. Of course Aweber is not a shopping cart, nor does it handle affiliate management. My current plan involves releasing a series of products and having a series of email autoresponder sequences.

I want to integrate affiliates under the one system as well, and also have the power to trigger events based on all kinds of different actions, from clicking a link, to landing on a page. To put it simply, I needed a more powerful contact management tool with integrated email follow-up, affiliate management, product delivery and payment processing. I wanted everything to be under the one system so I could take full advantage of all the features, unlike my first experience when I combined AWeber with 1ShoppingCart, limiting the integrative features I could use.

I quickly got my head around how the email system works, then followed the instructions to import my lists from AWeber to OAP. Everything went smoothly. One of the key differences between a system like Office Auto Pilot or Infusionsoft and AWeber is the tag based contact management.

Instead of moving or adding a person from one list to another like AWeber does, you add tags to a contact. The tags can then be used to manipulate what happens to that contact. For example I have tags if you joined my newsletter from www. I can then send specific information based on what that tag means. If you joined via MembershipSiteMastermind. You can of course do all these things with a list based system like AWeber.

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However as you dig into what OAP can do, you start to see the real power behind the system. The action might be to subscribe or unsubscribe the person from a follow-up sequence, or send a postcard, or give them access to a membership site, or remove a tag or add a tag, or all kinds of different things.

This is exactly what I have done for the EJ Insider program. The plugin connects OAP with WordPress, so you can set membership levels to grant access to resources inside your WordPress area that are controlled by all the actions and tags available inside OAP. For the moment I am using OAP for email newsletters broadcasts , follow-up email sequences, and as a content delivery drip release and membership protection system for my products.

I look forward to telling you about all of this as I test things and see what impact it has. Clearly they are not targeted at the same level of customer. I still recommend you start with AWeber for your first email newsletter when you are just beginning. You can also use it as an advanced marketer comfortably, just as I have done and thousands of other businesses do. If you have the funds and more importantly, are at a stage where you can take advantage of the features Office Auto Pilot provides, I can say so far that I highly recommend it too.